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Moshi Monsters is a virtual game where you can create your own pet monster, take care of it, furnish its home, play mini games, collect items, and more. When you register, you get to choose from 5 different monsters, each with its own distinct look. There is a Katsuma (cat-like), a Furi (hairy), Poppet (cute/girly), Diavlo (devil/volcano type), Zommer (zombie), and Luvli (a flying love heart?). For each day that you login, you get to take part in a puzzle/quiz which you can play to earn “Rox” – this is the virtual currently within Moshi Monsters. You can then use Rox to buy food for your monster, items for its room, etc.

The Positives

The game is very colorful and interactive, with plenty of things to do to keep your or your child occupied. Unlike other “virtual worlds”, Moshi Monsters is a bit of a different experience, in the sense that you are not surrounded by other players. This can be viewed as a positive or a negative thing, depending which type of game style you prefer. If you like meeting new people easily, chatting, and playing games with others, then Moshi Monsters will disappoint you in that aspect. However, if you’re more the type of person who likes to play on his/her own terms and pace, then you’ll be happy to know that other players will not be a distraction to you. A positive to this though, is that it makes Moshi Monsters a lot safer than other games where total strangers can approach you and ask for all sorts of personal information.

Another positive is that the game is immensely popular, so you know that you’re always going to have new things to do, with frequent updates and new mini games being released all the time. You also don’t have to worry about the game being available one day, and then having it disappear into the deep abyss of cyberspace the next. It is run by a professional company (Mind Candy) with hundreds of employees, so you’ll definitely be looked after.

Just like Animal Jam game which you be able to generate some amounts of resources with animal jam membership codes, Moshi Monsters is totally free to play, but you can buy membership and other things with real money if you can afford it. Membership gives you access to exclusive content, including member-only items, areas to explore, advantages with mini games, and more. It’s pretty cheap too!

The Negatives

Let’s be honest – the game is kind of confusing. If you’re a first time user, you will definitely be asking yourself, “Ok, what do I do now?”; the way the interfaces are set out and the lack of proper navigation means you will have to really explore the game to find out what you can actually do and all the content that is available. For example, you can access your “garden” by clicking on the door of your house, and in the garden, you can plant seeds to attract “moshlings” (cute little creatures you can catch and keep as pets). How would you have known that, though? From what we saw, there was no real in-game tutorial to show you around, so you better get your explorer’s hat ready!

Another thing that kind of annoyed us were the loading times. We’re not sure if it was our connection, our latency, or something else, but each new area/screen took longer than expected to load. Ain’t nobody got time to be waiting around! It would be nice if they could improve on this, and make sure that the loading bars actually worked. We couldn’t tell how much longer we needed to wait!

As mentioned in the “Positives” section above, Moshi Monsters isn’t all that big on actual user interaction. If you want to chat to people, meet new friends, or hang out in a virtual space with others, then you should try a different game because Moshi Monsters will not provide this. The game is all about taking care of your monster and showing off your monster’s room – anything outside of this is not really part of the “core” experience.


moshimonsters2Moshi Monsters makes for a great casual gaming experience. If you like to solve puzzles, take care of virtual pets, and decorate virtual rooms, then you will enjoy this game. With its bright graphics, cute animations, and variety of things to do, Moshi Monsters will be sure to provide you with the entertainment you seek. It is aimed at kids from ages 7-12, but the games and puzzles are challenging enough for all ages. If you want an immersive virtual world experience where you can fully interact with players in real-time, then you should try a game like BittyBay.

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